"City Gates Cohorts transformed my life, period! I came with deep hurts, broken relationships and many judgments, even of God. The principles, teaching and concepts learned over these past few months have been more impactful than all of my years of being saved (17 years). City Gates Cohorts broke the ground of my heart so that each session could impact my soul. Being a victim of childhood sexual abuse, intimacy on any level was nearly possible. In the session on trust, God broke that wall down. I have been able to interact with people without feeling uncomfortable or out of place. I gained a closer relationship with God through these sessions. I've gained a clearer sense of purpose and have grasped teaching that was once conflicting and confusing for me. Each session brought healing, peace and truth that I desperately needed, but did not know how to obtain otherwise. I can't begin to explain the victories of healing that I have experienced, but I will tell you, I never thought I could experience such freedom in my soul.

City Gates Cohorts positions you for such victories and I am truly grateful. I am no longer broken, no longer afraid and I am no longer lost in my walk with Christ. I love this program and the transformation is has brought to me in such a short time."

- Shanise Brown
Underwriting Support and Entrepreneur
Detroit, Michigan
"The City Gates Cohorts Experience has been transformative for me in several ways. First, the application of Godís Word as it relates to your life and specifically your time spent in your vocation has been enriching and eye opening. Second is the greater understanding of how to live your faith thru your vocation in harmony with advancing Godís Kingdom and the real life examples of how others have done this. And finally, the intimate relationships and friendships developed with others seeking the same experience and foundational understanding has been truly rewarding."

- Todd Alexander
Continental Building Systems
Columbus, Ohio
"City Gates stands at the crossroads of worship as a key component of faith life and work as worship. Meeting at the City Gates brings clarity to the conversation about how Jesus lives in you AND sends you to make a difference in your community. By engaging the City Gates conversation, your life and faith become a consistent testimony to what the Kingdom of Heaven looks like in your life, your family, your work and your community. I can't wait to talk with you about it!"

- Jonathan Reitz
Medina, Ohio